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ADA Center for Professional Success

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Montana Practice Opportunities

MDA serves as a clearinghouse for those offering or desiring practices for sale and positions available for dentists, hygienists, and assistants. Click here to see or post Montana practice opportunities, position openings, and notices from those seeking practice and employment in Montana.

Dental Practice & Montana Law

Bright Smiles Montana

Bright Smiles Montana is an oral health information resource supported by the Montana Dental Association and the Montana Oral Health Foundation. The goal of Bright Smiles Montana is to ensure that all of Montana's children have healthy, happy smiles free of pain and disease. This website offers dental professionals, medical professionals, and families advanced knowledge and training in perinatal and young child oral health.

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Frequently Called Numbers

Dental association services and products

Montana Dental Association
Phone Number: 406/443-2061
State Toll-Free: 800/257-4988
Fax: 406/443-1546

American Dental Association
Toll-Free: 800/621-8099
ADA Saleable Materials: 800/947-4746

Government Agencies

Child Abuse Hot Line (PANDA)
Main Line: 866/820-5437

Healthy Montana Kids (HMK)
Montana Medicaid
Provider Directory Search
Montana Member Helpline: 800-362-8312

Eligibility - Public Assistance: 888-706-1535

Montana Oral Health Program, DPHHS

Drug Enforcement Administration (Denver, CO)
Toll-Free: 800/882-9539

Indian Health Service, Division of Oral Health

Montana Board of Dentistry
Main Line: 406/841-2300

Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality: Hazardous Waste
Main Line: 406/444-5300

Healthcare Environmental Resource Center - Infectious Waste

Montana Recovery Program (formerly known as Montana Professional Assistance Program)
Main Line: 833/397-7500

Resources - Montana Recovery Program


Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
Main Line: 406/444-5622

Montana DPHHS Registration of Radiation Machine Facilities
ARM 37.14.307

Montana Insurance Commissioner
Main Line: 406/444-2040

Montana Legislature
Main Line: 406/444-4800

Montana Medical Assistance Program
Main Line: 833/397-7500

National Health Service Corps, Job Opportunities

OSHA (Billings)
Toll-Free: 800/488-7087