(Montana Dental Political Action Committee)

What Is MoDePAC?

MoDePAC is the political action committee organized by MDA. Contributions to MoDePAC may come from dentists and others. MoDePAC is governed by a board of directors comprised of one director from each MDA component who serves for a three-year term. Contributions from the MoDePAC are limited to state political candidates. MoDePAC's directors decide which candidates will receive campaign contributions. Political action committees in Montana are authorized under the Campaign Finance and Practices Laws. The laws contain limits on how much a candidate may receive from a PAC.

Members of MoDePAC know that the decisions made by politicians affect how dentists manage their everyday lives and their dental practices. Each session of the Montana legislature many bills are introduced that affect oral health care, dental insurance, small businesses, and access to dental care. MoDePAC ensures that the voices of dentists and organized dentistry are heard. The political action committee makes campaign contributions to assist candidates with their election efforts.  

'99 Club

Grassroots Efforts

What is the '99 Club?

Anyone may contribute to the '99 Club. Funds from '99 Club are spent to support the association's grassroots contact network and to educate public officials and legislators about dentistry's political issues. Funds help defray lobbying costs and pay for sponsoring Dental Day at the Montana Legislature, including the dinner hosted by MDA for legislators.

The '99 Club funds also have been used to pay the expenses of MDA members who attend the national issues conference in Washington DC sponsored by the American Dental Association's political action committee, ADPAC. Money collected for MDA's '99 Club may not be used for direct contributions to candidates.