MDA Welcomes Dr. Heather Howell to Board

Heather Howell

The MDA Board of Directors approved Dr. Heather Howell as the New Dentist Representative at the recent meeting in Big Sky. She will serve a one-year term on the Board, with an option to continue after that.

Dr. Howell earned her undergraduate degree from UM in 2014. She graduated from Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) in 2020 and began practicing that year.

Originally from Polson, she worked as a Dental Assistant there prior to her professional education. Since then, she had been on multiple dental-focused mission trips and also completed her 12-week dental externship at CSKT Tribal Health. She is now a staff dentist there, as well as in private practice.

As to why she chose a career in health, she said, "Dentistry provides an opportunity to help others by improving their confidence, health, and dental knowledge. I am so excited to be back in the community I grew up in, and to help awareness to dental education here!

On her application, Dr. Howell wrote, "I was a member of Dental Student Government for four years, holding positions as School President, Class President, School Secretary, and Class Secretary. After being involved with Dental Student Government, I had some exposure to organized dentistry though our interactions with Oregon Dental Association. I would like to further my experiences by getting involved with MDA and feel like I can bring a unique perspective as a new grad currently working in both private practice and public health."